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Sihtasutus Poliitikauuringute Keskus Praxis, Praxis Centre for Policy Studies (PRAXIS), Estonia

The most experienced and recognised socio-economic research centre in Estonia. Since 2000, it has compiled approximately 500 analyses and studies, the purpose of which is to help solve significant social problems. PRAXIS has provided knowledge for many strategies and legislation drafts and has been involved in different projects on industrial relations and working conditions. PRAXIS’ projects are based on strong methodology and credible data with the view to contribute to evidence-based policy making. Praxis is an interdisciplinary organisation structured into five thematic fields: Labour and Social Policy, covering topics like industrial relations, working conditions, sustainability of work, occupational health and safety, employment and social policy; Education Policy, covering topics like skills, training, lifelong learning, linking education system to the labour market; Innovation and Economic Policy, covering restructuring, entrepreneurship, labour demand, socioeconomic development; Health Policy, covering occupational health and safety, public health, social welfare; Governance and Civil Society Policy, covering consultation and inclusion of social partners in the policy making process, development of public services.